Voice of Pocklington Youth: Five page turners to recommend

Caitlin England
Caitlin England

In honour of World Book Day, I thought I’d share some of my favourite books that I think are definitely worth a read!  

1) The Noughts and Crosses Series by Malorie Blackman

These four books follow the stories of Callum McGregor and Sephy Haldley and their families as they struggle against their racist society and try to keep their love alive.

They’re books that I like to call ‘slap-in-the-face-stories’ because they literally do make you wake up and realise the harsh reality of how unfair and unjust life can be. They’re so compelling and ‘unputdownable’ and worth so much more credit than they have! 

Recommended to – 14 years and above

2) One Day by David Nicholls

I absolutely LOVE this book! It follows the lives of Emma Morley and Dexter Mayhew on the same day, 15 July, from 1988 to 2008.

You read of their lives, whether they be together or apart, through 20 years and I am warning you now, it’s a tearjerker so have the tissues at the ready! I would say that it’s more likely to be enjoyed by girls than guys as it is a romance novel but, boys, there’s nothing stopping you! Haha.  

Recommended to – 15 years and above 

3) Jasper Jones 
by Craig Silvey

At the end of 1965, in the middle of the night, Charlie Bucktin is visited by Jasper Jones, and learns of his terrible discovery. The story follows Charlie as he tries to keep what he’s seen a secret from the people around him. I love how even though the book is written entirely from Charlie’s perspective, it’s still written in a way that the reader doesn’t find out what his secret is until everybody else does which makes it almost impossible to put down until you’ve finished.

Recommended to – 14 years and above

4) The Blackhope Enigma 
by Teresa Flavin

Our story starts with an old painting, hung for years in the Mariner’s Chamber at the top of Blackhope Tower.

When Sunni and her friend Blaise visit the tower for a school project, they find themselves being sucked straight into the painting itself. It’s a fantastic book filled with action and mystery that I loved when I read it. 

Recommended to – 11 years and above

5) Chains by Laurie Halse 

This story follows two African American slaves, Isabel and Ruth, when they are sold to the Locktons in 1776, New York.

It’s written in the form of Isabel’s diary and, like Noughts and Crosses, is another slap-in-the-face-story that makes you think about the harsh reality of people fighting for the things that we all take for granted everyday.

One of my favourite quotes is from the blurb on the back that reads “Chains is the story of a girl who longs to be free in a society that refuses to let her,” which I think sums up the book pretty well. 

Recommended to – 12 years and above