Village set to go quackers at duck race

A past duck race in Wilberfoss.
A past duck race in Wilberfoss.

Villagers are set to go quackers at this year’s annual duck race in Wilberfoss.

The event, on the village beck, will be held on Easter Sunday (5 April), starting at about 2pm. It has been running for over a decade and usually attracts more than 500 visitors. Last year it raised in excess of £2,000 to fund activities and groups in the area.

Steve Langstaff, chairman of the duck race organising committee, said: “When we first started, there were 50 ducks to a race and six races. Now we have 250 ducks to a race.

“Pre-sales of ducks are better than ever. We are going to have to stop selling pre-sales or we won’t have any of the day to sell.” If you would like to sponsor the event, call Mr Langstaff on 01759 380546.