Vikings and Saxons battle it out again in Stamford Bridge

The Battle Of Stamford Bridge Society's battle re-enactment weekend
The Battle Of Stamford Bridge Society's battle re-enactment weekend
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Viking and Saxon warriors clashed again during re-enactments of the Battle of Stamford Bridge last weekend.

This year’s event, held on the village’s cricket field, saw a direct descendant of the Viking king Harald Hardrada, who died during the famous 1066 battle, take part in the re-enactments.

Jarl Gunnar Olafsson travelled all the way from Iceland for the annual event and played the role of his ancestor.

As well as two full days of re-enactments, there was a Viking encampment with displays of Viking life, crafts and weapons and a Viking longship.

Meanwhile, The Battle of Stamford Bridge Society, which organised the event, had a tent with information, games and crafts for children.

Chris Rock, a member of the society, said: “We couldn’t have asked for better weather or for the public who came to see us.

“As far as I know everyone had a good time, from the performers and living history groups to the traders, the societies who attended and to the pavilion staff who offered facilities and food and drink.

“Jarl Gunnar had a great day on Saturday and performed well as the Viking king. He came to talk to me to express his gratitude and pleasure at being here, and confirmed what we already know, that we are sitting on a goldmine regards tourism and our historic legacy.”

More pictures in today’s paper (26 September).