Views from the Pews: Together we are much stronger

Dr Alex Appiah, Living Springs Church in Market Weighton.
Dr Alex Appiah, Living Springs Church in Market Weighton.

Life is full of choices. Our choices make or break us. As individuals we are faced with daily life choices, what do, eat, drink, wear, where to go and how to spend our resources and make the most of the opportunities offered to us.

The nation has been called to make decision a choice in which party or leaders take us forward in the next five years. The outcome of the election will determine the values majority of the nation holds.

“To be, or not to be...” is the opening phrase of a monologue by a despondent or feigning Prince Hamlet who contemplates death and suicide in the “Nunnery Scene” of William Shakespeare’s play Hamlet.

He bemoaned the pains and unfairness of life but acknowledges the alternative might be still worse. There is always a desire to see an end of our pain and suffering by whatever means available to us.

The country has gone through six weeks of sometimes exciting but largely confusing election campaign. We the general public have cast our votes and a new direction of the nation is unfolding from the aftermath.

The main issues from these results are: What direction is the nation heading?

What kind of government have we chosen to represent the values of the majority of the nation?

The composition of any national government reflects the values and aspirations of the people.

Is it a government for compassionate redistribution of wealth, or austere hardnosed business-led growth, which largely benefits the rich in society, or a swinging centrist jostling to hold the balance of power, environmentally minded but business inept, anti-austerity, more spending and reshaping of British politics, anti-migrants etc.

Sincerely, elections are about choice and it’s about who speaks for you. Who truly represents your values and aspirations?

We have all had the opportunity to listen to the various political promises from those who aspire for the high offices of the country and cast our votes last week.

We should now unite as a nation, one people behind the elected and the chosen party to form a government, pick up our working gears and tools and get back to work to build a country of aspiration, fair and equitable distribution of wealth and deep respect and pride for all of our fellow citizens in spite of the colour of their foreskins or language spoken.

Together we make a formidable people and build a strong country that we are all proud to call our own.

The time of finger pointing and bitter acrimony on party lines is over.

We need to look at what is happening in our local communities, neighbourhoods and ask “how can we can work together to make our areas, villages and towns better places to live? Places where no one is not left on their own to fend for themselves but better communities where there is a strong focus on the “common good”.

The Bible says: [let] there be no division in the body, but that the members may have the same care for one another (I Corinthians 12:25).

We need to unite in building up this great nation, irrespective of each other’s political views, religious believes or otherwise.

Our best is yet to come and together we’re stronger. Let’s build a country we are all proud of.

If you would like to chat about how we can work together to build a strong community and society, I invite you to visit our friendly and informal church service on Sundays 10.30am at The Life Centre in Market Weighton YO43 3AH.