Views from the Pews: Remember, Christmas is for life

Rev David Everett
Rev David Everett

Do you remember this slogan that one of the charities used some years ago? They were concerned that many dogs were given as presents at Christmas only to find that the person who received them didn’t really want it or was not prepared to look after it.

Many were then either abandoned or taken to the dogs’ charities for rehoming. These charities became overwhelmed in the early New Year with too few new homes for the dogs to go to.

All Saints' Church, Market Weighton.

All Saints' Church, Market Weighton.

When writing this I wasn’t sure whether it was too early to write about Christmas but as the shops seem to be filling their shelves with Christmas gifts I decided to share this thought.

I would like to re-write that slogan and say: Christmas is for life and not just for Christmas!!

When God sent his Son Jesus into the world he did it so that all his people should have life and have it abundantly. He did this by showing them that God loved them by giving them time; by showing through his actions that God cared for them; by seeking to address their needs by bringing them healing, food when they needed it and by answering their questions truthfully and honestly.

And because of his actions and the time he spent with them more and more people flocked to him to seek his help.

When he satisfied their needs they went off praising God and telling their friends what he had done for them. It’s interesting, I think, that what Jesus gave people cost very little in monetary terms but it was still very costly. He paid for it with his life.

So when you are thinking what presents to give this Christmas consider whether those you are thinking of giving do show the gifts which Jesus gave or are they a poor reflection.

Without Jesus there is no Christmas and he came not only that we might have life in all its fullness but also have life all year round.

Remember, Christmas is for life and not just for Christmas.