Views from the Pews: Offer words of encouragement

Revd Sue Pegg
Revd Sue Pegg

As I write I’ve just come back from my first ‘school run of the year’, not as you might think, delivering children to the school for their lessons but rather delivering some little cards to wish all the school staff well as their new school year starts.

It certainly can’t be an easy time for teachers and other school workers with so many anxious little ones all beginning term, usually with a new classroom and new teacher to cope with and I guess there’s quite a lot of kindness and encouragement needed to help the little ones settle in.

Another thing I’ve done this week is joined a local slimming club and I was so impressed by how encouraging the leader was there as she urged folk to keep on with their diets because they were doing well.

You could see how everyone left the group with a new confidence after the session.

Recently I’ve noticed that in the Bible many a writer gives readers little words of encouragement. St Paul, as he went about his travels in the first century AD was particularly good at it and seemed to be always writing back to those in the places he’d visited urging the early Christians to ‘hang on in there’ because they were doing well, and I’m sure his encouraging words were much appreciated.

But sadly, not everyone in life is so encouraging and there are some who, for whatever reason always want to pull us down.

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