Views from the Pews: News that is music to your ears

Rev David Everett
Rev David Everett

There is often the complaint that we do not usually see much good news.

I have to say that we get much more good news in our local papers, like this one, than we do in the nationals or on the television.

All Saints' Church, Market Weighton.

All Saints' Church, Market Weighton.

It does not sell newspapers we hear said regularly. However, there is much good news; announcements of births, a great joy to us all; engagements and marriages; the news of good exam results; the sporting success of our local sports teams; or the things which people have done to help and support others.

For those who use social media, many of the messages on Facebook and Twitter are about good news, things which people have enjoyed or want to celebrate.

All of these things are good news. But what makes them “good news?”

Well it might seem obvious but firstly it must be news, that is, something we do not know or haven’t fully understood. It must also be something which we see as being “good”.

I want to share with you the Good News about Jesus.

He came to the world to show us the way that God wants us to live our lives; he died on the cross so that our sins, our wrongdoings, and the sin of the whole world will be forgiven by God the Father; and the Father raised him from the dead so that the barrier of death is broken and we can have life with him now and forever.

Now for me that is simply “Good News”! The Good News of Jesus is not just for me but also for you and for all people.

You may have heard it before but do you fully understand what it means for you and have you taken it on board?

If you haven’t, it can still be news that is music to your ears and good for you!