Views from the Pews: Love given away can change you

Rev Neville Simpson.
Rev Neville Simpson.

As I sit down to write this article money is in the news again. There is an unclaimed lottery win for £33 million somewhere in Worcester. Have you any family there? I wonder whether someone has been frantically Spring cleaning their house looking for a missing ticket.

We have also had a massive fall in share prices wiping billions off the value of shares caused by ‘uncertainty’ in the economic climate and particularly by the falling price of oil and the slowdown in the Chinese Economy.

A churches together service at Pocklington Methodist Church.

A churches together service at Pocklington Methodist Church.

The reality of this is that many people now have a personal pension plan for their retirement that is worth a lot less than it was and some people are saying they will no longer be able to retire when they expected. There can be pitfalls in associating happiness and wellbeing with wealth. As the Beatles sang ‘Money can’t buy me love’.

Over the last few months we have also seen destruction caused by floods including Yorkshire and people desperately trying to save some of their possessions from damage. Interestingly many of the items people were trying to save were not based on monetary value but sentimental value of such importance, as they could not be replaced.

There have been some marvellous examples of people have pulling together to help those in need and to give them hope for the future. I believe there are many more good people in the world than bad and when the chips are down people in this country care for their fellow human beings.

We are moving into the Christian season of Lent a period of 40 days before Easter beginning on Ash Wednesday. Lent is a season of reflection and preparation. It is a chance to ask what is important in my life. Traditionally we give things like chocolate up for Lent however I came across a booklet called ‘Love Life Live Lent’ that approaches Lent in a more positive way.

It challenges you to change the world by small actions to make it a better place to live. Some of the actions in it were “Use a buy one get one free offer and give one away” and “invite someone you don’t know very well for lunch”.

These actions appear small and trivial but imagine the impact if every person in this country did them during Lent.

It may be that money can’t buy you love but love given away can change you and the world around you for the better and that is what Jesus Christ urges us to do.