Views from the Pews: Having faith in skills and abilities

Rev David Everett
Rev David Everett

Recently I seem to have had a lot of phone calls telling me that people are ill and have been taken into hospital or that they need an operation.

All of those who are ill put themselves in the hands of the people who in our medical services; the paramedics who attend as the first line of help and assess our immediate needs and then, if necessary, take us on to one of our hospitals.

There the doctors, nurses and all the other people who work there seek to assess what the problems are and treat us appropriately so that we become well again.

They do a fantastic job and we have “faith” that they will do the best they can for us. Just occasionally, as we know from the press, it doesn’t go as well as could be expected but our doctors, nurses and other staff are all human, just as we are, and mistakes will be made. When this happens our “faith” in them is dented. However, all of us will need their help at some point in our lives and we continue to trust them and have “faith” in their skills and abilities.

In the times of the Old Testament people had faith in their God because of what they saw Him doing for them and their people.

They didn’t “see” their God but they trusted in him because of his works and His word spoken to them through his prophets.

By the time of the New Testament people saw Jesus and all that he did through his speaking, his healings and the fact that he spent time with people who needed his help. They saw their God working in and through him and unlike us humans he never got it wrong! They had faith in him and he pointed them towards his God and ours.

Do you trust in him? I do because of what I have experienced of His love in my life and what I see Him do in other people’s lives, too.

Will you have “faith” in Him?

If you need help on that journey then please do go to one of your local churches and ask somebody there.