Video: Little Charlie goes the extra mile for the rainforests

When five-year-old Charlie Schoonover read a blurb about deforestation in his children’s encyclopaedia, he didn’t simply turn the page. He couldn’t. In fact, he refused to go to sleep that night until his mum, Jenny, had figured out a way to help the rainforests.

The Schoonover family, who are currently based in Harrogate, North Yorkshire, engaged into some intensive research that night and the following morning, came across the Rainforest Foundation UK’s (RFUK) website and made a donation. But Charlie felt he hadn’t done enough to make much of a difference and wanted to think of ways to encourage more people to raise money because “a little bit of money would come up to be a lot”.



Charlie, who attends Ashville College Pre-Prep, wrote a letter to his school asking if they could do a fundraiser for the rainforests. His teachers encouraged him to set up a JustGiving site and published a story about him in their newsletter. He also donated clothes to RFUK through the Clothes for Charity scheme.

Charlie has already exceeded his original £100 target by over £500 and hopes to raise even more by running five kilometres (because he’s five!) on Sunday, 26th January. On his JustGiving page, the family have published a video [1] featuring Charlie talking about his passion to save the rainforests and appealing for donations.

He begins with: “In a land far away, the rainforests need our help,” informing us that 400,000 square metres of tropical rainforest are destroyed every minute and how that made him feel “terrible”.

“All of the creatures of the rainforest are special, important and beautiful. They help make our planet better and give it more beauty,” he added.

Charlie’s mum, Jenny, told us he a little guy with a huge heart making a difference and we, at RFUK, agree.

You can help Charlie here