Victory for Vito and his flag

Vito Logozzi - Goodmanham arms
Vito Logozzi - Goodmanham arms
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‘A VICTORY for common sense’ is how pub landlord Vito Logozzi has hailed the council’s decision not to prosecute him for flying a pirate flag.

The Pocklington Post exclusively revealed last week that Vito, of the Goodmanham Arms, was ordered by an East Riding Council enforcement officer to remove a pirate flag from his children’s play area because it ‘breached planning legislation’.

The story went national, with Vito receiving calls from the press in London and seeing the story appear in the Daily Telegraph.

Now, in a dramatic turnaround, East Riding of Yorkshire Council has confirmed that it will not be taking any further action against Vito.

He is delighted and told the Post: “It is a victory for common sense in the end, the Jolly Roger is still flying!”

“The council received a complaint about the flag and I suppose they had to follow it up, but they could’ve just written to me, not send an officer.

“They’ve told me now that no further action is going to be taken and I’m glad about that - although I would’ve gone to court if I had to.

A spokesman from East Riding Council confirmed that Vito is safe to keep his flag up.

He said: “The council received a complaint and had a duty to investigate. We can confirm we have done this and no further action will be taken.”

Vito said that he had no idea the story would get so big, and was pleased with the support offered by the public.

“It was something that a lot of people have been talking about, and we’ve had people come and visit just to see the flag,” he said.

“I even got a call from London about it, which was a surprise!”

Vito is now looking forward to hosting live music at the Goodmanham Arms this Saturday from a band very fittingly named Blackbeard’s Tea Party!

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