Vicar’s New Year message

Geoff Hollingsworth
Geoff Hollingsworth

Did you have a good Christmas?

This is a question we often hear when we meet up again with family, friends and colleagues after the Christmas festivities.

But how do you define ‘good’? ... lots of parties, pressies, time off work, being with family and friends? Christmas is a religious festival and so is about God and the birth of his Son Jesus.

So we could ask instead ‘Did you have a God Christmas?’ When we have used the gifts we received as presents and forgotten about Christmas meals and parties what are we left with ? ... the Christmas story of Jesus. This is what we take with us into the New Year – this is the real gift of Christmas..... the love of God.

Hearing of his birth at Christmas is good, but we need to follow up the story of his life and what he came into the world to say and do. Throughout the year there are church services and festivals based on Jesus’ life, so how about putting those dates in your new diary and joining us to hear about why he came to live among us?

I wish you a happy New Year and may you find inner joy and peace as you follow the life of Jesus in the year ahead.