Veterans mark 70th anniversary of D-Day landings

Bridlington marked the 70th anniversary of the D-Day landings on Saturday with a poignant service attended by the town’s veterans.

Five D-Day veterans and one veteran Royal Marine attended the service along with 
Bridlington Mayor Councillor Shelagh Finlay and 
Councillor Liam Dealtry.

D-Day Veterans Ken Custus, Eric Hutson, Gavin Wray, Walter Clark, Harry Hillerby, Chas Pickering

D-Day Veterans Ken Custus, Eric Hutson, Gavin Wray, Walter Clark, Harry Hillerby, Chas Pickering

Members of the public also paid their respects at the service, which also commemorated the 350th anniversary of the foundation of the Royal Marines.

The service was organised by the Royal Naval Association and prayers were led by the Reverend Eric Turner.

Martin Jolly, Chair of the Bridlington Royal Naval Association, said: “We have two D Day veterans in the association and every year we mark the anniversary but we wanted to do something special as it was 70 years.

“We also found a number of veterans who were on holiday in Bridlington too and we were honoured that they were able to join us. It was a great honour to remember D Day with them and we will continue to do that.”

The standards of the Bridlington and Scarborough Royal Naval Associations, the Bridlington Royal Airforce Association, The Bridlington Army Cadet Force and the Royal British Legion Bridlington branch, were all on display during the service.

David Standtoft, Chair of the Bridlington Royal British Legion, said: “That day was hell for the people that took part, the likes of you and me will never be able to understand what they went through that day. What they saw that day, most will never talk about. We should remember D-Day because if it wasn’t for these men we wouldn’t have the freedoms we have today.

“It was very emotional for the veterans. On Saturday the town said thank you, and it was an honour to have the veterans there.”

Mayor of Bridlington, Councillor Shelagh Finlay, added: “It was great to see so many people turning out to honour the D-Day veterans.”