‘Uneven’ footpath being resurfaced

Work underway...The footpath on West Green in Pocklington.
Work underway...The footpath on West Green in Pocklington.

Work has started on the refurbishment and resurfacing of the footpath along West Green in Pocklington following representations from East Riding councillors.

The scheme has been brought forward as a matter of urgency from the 2016/17 maintenance programme following representations to County Hall by Pocklington’s ward councillors, Claude Mole, Kay West and Stephen Lane.

The footpath is now one of the most used routes for people attending the new surgery and had fallen into a poor state of repair.

Coun Mole said: “So many people now use this route, many of them elderly and young mothers with pushchairs, that we had to find a way of bringing the work forward. Another winter and it would have become very difficult for everyone using it.

“I raised the issue with the relevant team at County Hall and the East Riding’s Director of Planning and Economic Regeneration, Alan Menzies and, recognising the state the footpath is in, agreed to bring the scheme forward as a priority to enable the work to be undertaken now.”

He added: “East Riding Council, like all other local authorities, is having to make savings across the board, but as ward councillors it is our duty to press for funds to be made available when there is a clear and urgent need, as in this case and we acknowledge the effort Mr Menzies and his team have made in this respect.”

Pocklington Town Council, which has been calling for improvements to be made to the footpath for several months, is delighted that the scheme has been brought forward. Last month, the town council claimed that the camber of the pavement is wrong and that the footpath is 

Mayor of Pocklington, councillor Martin Ratcliffe, said: “Pocklington town councillors are pleased the long awaited repair of the footpath from the town to the doctor’s surgery is now underway. This was a problem most highlighted by the public as in need of urgent attention.”

East Riding Council manages a footway network of more than 1,174 miles and a highway network of more than 2,100 miles, with an annual maintenance budget of £13million.