UKIP tops polls during European elections in the East Riding area

Nigel Farage
Nigel Farage

UKIP beat the Conservative Party into second place during last Thursday’s European Parliamentary Elections in the East Riding area.

The result helped UKIP take three of the six seats available in the Yorkshire and Humber region, with Labour taking two seats and the Conservatives claiming one.

In the East Riding area UKIP finished with 32,084 votes, ahead of the Conservatives (24,541), the Labour Party (12,930) and the Green Party (5,691) – with voter turnout at just under 32%.

The other results were: Liberal Democrats 4,958; Yorkshire First Party 1,331; An Independence from Europe Party 1,264; British National Party 879; English Democrats 696; NO2EU 144.

The total vote for the parties was 84,518 from an electorate of 266,618 – making the official turnout 31.78%.

UKIP topped the poll in the Yorkshire and Humber region with more than 400,000 votes overall, meaning candidates Jane Collins, Amjad Bashir and Mike Hookem will become MEPs.

Newly-elected Yorkshire and Humber UKIP MEP Jane Collins said the size of the party’s vote revealed a “deep distrust” of the EU and the European Parliament.

She added: “Myself and my fellow MEPs will be the eyes and ears of the people who have given us their votes and we will do our job to the best of our ability and represent everybody who has voted for us.”

UKIP’s positive result in the area mirrors the national picture, where it topped the polls with 27.5% of the vote, finishing with a total 23 MEPs.