Tyre slasher’s victims slam ‘light sentence’

Jailed...Julian Glew.
Jailed...Julian Glew.

Victims of a tyre-slashing spree in Pocklington have slammed the sentence given to the culprit.

Buddhist Julian Glew, 45, of no fixed abode, slashed more than 160 car tyres in Pocklington last September to vent his frustration on society after accidentally treading on an insect. He has been jailed for 11 weeks.

One of the victims of the attacks, Sue Woodcock, who lives off Chapel Hill Road, said: “I only had one tyre slashed but it cost me £65. A lady round the corner from me had five tyres done on two cars. This man failed to answer bail. He has got 11 weeks which means he will probably be out in six. I think it is outrageous.

“I think he should have to pay something towards the damage he caused, he caused about £20,000 of damage.”

Another victim, Geoff Sheasby, of Burnby Lane, had one tyre slashed. He commented: “The sentence is quite light considering the damage he caused. I think the local tyre company was completely overwhelmed.”

“As much as he needs to be punished for what he did he needs help I believe.”

Derek Marshall, of Victoria Road, also had one tyre slashed and had to pay £79 for a new one. He said: “It is quite a lenient sentence. But what is it going to achieve? We are not going to get our money back.”

Glew appeared at Beverley Magistrates’ Court via video link from prison. The court heard Glew was living rough in the woods in Pocklington at the time of the incidents last September.

Glew “was upset because he stood on an insect and vented his frustration on society,” according to Joanne Markham, who was defending Glew.

She added: “At the time of the offences Mr Glew was living in the woods. He’s been living that sort of existence for about 20 years now. He has also lived in a Buddhist monastery.”

She said Glew had “some history of mental health issues” and suggested sessions with the Probation Service would be difficult because he lives “without means in various inaccessible locations.”

Andrew Vaughan, representing the Crown Prosecution Service, told the court: “He said in an interview that he was venting his frustration on society without hurting people.” Glew was arrested earlier this month on a fail to appear warrant, after going on the run for nearly three months. He pleaded guilty to three counts of criminal damage in September. He was released on bail but then failed to appear at Beverley Magistrates’ Court for sentencing on 14 October.

District Judge Frederick Rutherford said; “I have a man here who says he didn’t want to hurt anybody but affected 162 people by making financial consequences targeting vehicles randomly. You went out there to cause that damage.

“The law as it stands limits me to giving you three months imprisonment. You deserve that.” The incidents caused great inconvenience and financial loss to all those victims.”

Glew has been jailed for 11 weeks, with eight weeks of the sentence for criminal damage and three for failing to surrender to court bail at the appointed time. He was ordered to pay a court charge of £80 and will be under the supervision of the Probation Service for a year.