Tweeting a church message to schools

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TWEETING may be the latest craze to communicate over the internet, but schools across the region are hoping to hear some tweeting of a natural kind to spread a message from the Anglican Church.

As part of the Diocese of York’s ‘Year of the Environment’, bird nesting boxes are being sent out to every school and church.

The Archbishop of York, Dr John Sentamu, is championing the project and events are planned throughout the year, with Dr Sentamu saying all Christians have a responsibility to care for the environment.

The bird boxes have been welcomed by clergy and school teachers across the diocese.

Gill Campbell, headteacher at Pocklington Infant School, thinks the bird box project is a great way to kick of the ‘Year of the Environment’.

Mrs Campbell added: “We’re looking forward to seeing what birds will nest in our bird box. We have a very strong gardening gang at this school, and we are currently fundraising very hard to enable us to have a sensory garden in the school grounds.”

The Reverend Nigel Strafford, who is vicar of six churches around Holme-on-Spalding Moor and Seaton Ross, added: “We were delighted to receive the bird boxes for our churches, and we’re going to put them up to encourage our local wildlife.

“The natural nest sites on which many of our bird species depend such as holes in trees and buildings, are fast disappearing as gardens and woods are ‘tidied’ and old houses are repaired, so a project like this is great to help our bird populations.”

Archbishop Sentamu added: “I want every Christian, every church in the Diocese of York, to pledge to make a difference to their environment in 2011.

“Whether you decide to use a bicycle instead of cars, or put up your bird box in your churchyards to increase biodiversity, everything you do will make a difference to our world and how we care for it.”