Turner Prize winner Grayson Perry studio plate for auction at Wombells, York

grayson perry plate
grayson perry plate

A pottery studio plate crafted by Turner Prize winning artist Grayson Perry is up for auction at Wombells, Upper Poppleton, on August 2.

Titled “Oh God She Is My Mother”, and its numbered “No5” in his series of “Commemorative Plates”, the piece is 25cm across and its pre sale estimate is £3000 to 3500.

The Livens group

The Livens group

Auctioneer and valuer Matt Harris said: “Given his recent local appearances, popularity with the North Yorkshire museum going audience and last year’s successful Reith lectures I wondered if there may be some broad interest in it.”

Also under the hammer at the same auction is an intriguing World War I group I of artefacts relating to William Howard Livens DSO - inventor of the Livens Projector and other equally flame and chemical weapons.

Me Harris said: “His surviving family have consigned his Royal Engineers sword, together with the postcard of the man his projector and a few odd troops, a “Duplicate Parts and Instructions” booklet for the Livens system flame projector (bi-lingual in English and Cyrillic), and a post-war oil portrait of Livens.”

The artefacts also includea a “Lusitania Medal” in the group, although the family has been keen to debunk a “family legend” or original marketing myth that Livens lost his fiancee on the Lusitania and vowed to get his revenge by creating weapons that would kill as many Huns as possible.

Mr Harris said: “The portrait in the Livens group is, interestingly, by Arthur George Walker - predominantly a sculptor and whose First World War memorials are among his most well known works.

“So I wondered, given the commemorations coming up in the next few weeks, whether there would be any interest in Arthur George Walker the artist - Wikipedia lists 14 War Memorials by Walker and notes that his work on the Derby memorial makes it among the best of its type in the country.

“We presume that Livens had some regard for Walker as an artist as, from the same consignment, we have an oil study by him (“Grief” a study for his RA Election diploma piece in the 1930s) and a marble relief study of Dante and Beatrice that we believe is also his work.”

For more information about the auction, log on to www.wombells.co.uk