Turbine appeals dismissed

AN APPEAL against a council decision to refuse permission to build a wind turbine has been dismissed.

The application for appeal was made by Mr J. Nash for a proposal to build two wind turbines on farm land at Neswick Farm, Neswick, Driffield, which has previously been refused by East Riding of Yorkshire Council on January 24.

The site is within Wolds Area of Landscape Protection, which provides it with added protection.

Mr T. Cookson, an inspector appointed by the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government, made an inspection on Wednesday 8 August and set down a final decision on Friday 12 October.

He said: “I judge that overall they would be prominent and intrusive and would cause significant harm to this protected landscape.

“I accept that although it is small in scale, the scheme would result in savings in emissions.

“However, on balance, having viewed the area carefully, considered the representations and assessed the details of the scheme, especially its siting, I judge that the harm this scheme would cause on this part of the Wolds Area of Landscape Protection would be sufficiently substantial to outweigh the relatively modest benefits it would bring.”

In another case, an appeal for costs following another refusal from East Riding of Yorkshire Council of an application to construct a wind turbine at Cottam Warren Farm, Driffield, was also refused.

Ralph Beevers made the application for award of costs against East Riding of Yorkshire Council.

Mr Cookson, made the inspection on Wednesday 8 August and made his final decision on Friday 12 October.

He said: “I do not accept that a stance has been taken in principle against wind turbines when the evidence shows that the authority has permitted turbines in various locations in the area with some being approved contemporaneously with the refusal of the appeal scheme.

“The authority members, having considered the officers’ recommendation, decided that from their own knowledge of the area that the turbine would be visible by residents and visitors.

“They concluded that the turbine would have a detrimental impact on the wide landscape. From the evidence I find that their actions were appropriate and reasonable.”