Tree door inspires new children’s book

Lee Clark is pictured with The Elves of the Wild, White Wolds.
Lee Clark is pictured with The Elves of the Wild, White Wolds.

A small door which appeared in a tree on the Yorkshire Wolds has inspired a children’s Christmas story book.

The wooden door, which emerged overnight within the roots of a tree near Garrowby Hill several years ago, sparked the delightful project by two Bishop Wilton brothers.

Neil Clark in his studio.

Neil Clark in his studio.

Lee and Neil Clark have published The Elves of the Wild White Wolds, which tells the story of two mischievous Christmas Elves Dudley and Dot.

They live at the North Pole and dream of seeing the world.

One Christmas Eve they sneak onto Father Christmas’ sleigh, but their secret adventure do not turn out quite as they planned.

Lee thought up the story before collaborating with Neil, a professional illustrator, who created all the illustrations and the book’s design.

Lee said: “I loved how this little door appeared in a tree overnight and really caught the imagination of people.

“It is placed in a spot which has always had a magical quality to it and this inspired me to have a think about a story which would explain how it got there.”

The publication is now available to buy and the brothers believe it would be an excellent Christmas present.

It can be purchased at Readwell and Write, Pocklington, Brew and Brownie, York, The Balloon Tree in Gate Helmsley or online via priced £6 plus postage and packing.

Visit to find out more information about the new book.