Travellers’ plan set for approval

A controversial planning application for a traveller’s amenity building is likely to be approved.

The erection of a traveller’s amenity to Green Grass Farm Caravan in Barmby Moor has seen objections by the parish council and some residents.

Following a western area planning sub-committee meeting last week, the application was deferred until comments from Yorkshire Water have been received. It was concluded that providing no adverse comments are received from Yorkshire Water, East Riding Council’s director of planning and regeneration, Alan Menzies, is authorised to approve the application subject to the conditions as detailed in his report. The proposed building will be a permanent structure, containing a kitchen, utility room, seating area and a bathroom, would be an addition to the already existing caravan on the site. Although there has been some objection to the build including concerns regarding such a permanent structure and regarding the size of the build. There have been many who have voiced their support of the build stating the whole family would benefit from more appropriate facilities as gas heating in the caravan does not work properly and the toilet fails to flush. The family have been forced to vacate the property due to these issues in the past.

At the same meeting it was recommended that the erection of five holiday cottages with associated works and infrastructure at Herrington Park, Main Street, Sutton-upon-Derwent be refused.