Tranquil retreat at risk from new estate

Craig Wilby
Craig Wilby

A huge development of 380 homes, a children’s nursery and care home has faced objection from a rural retreat which the new build would border.

The planning application for a large-scale housing development on land north and east of Mayfields, The Balk, will include 380 dwellings with 25 per cent affordable housing.

Gladman Developments’ proposed build would include a centre with a children’s day care nursery and a 60-bed care home.

In August, the Pocklington Post revealed the fears of one business which could be destroyed by the then 410 house proposal.

Plans show the development would border Willow Waters Fishery, a rural retreat on the outskirts of Pocklington. One of the owners of the family-run business, Sarah Wilby said: “Now that the application has been submitted we are ever more committed to making our opposition known.

“A development so close to our rural retreat will have devastating effects on our long- standing family-run business.

“We appeal to the people of Pocklington to seriously consider the effects of such a large development. Do we want so many more houses in Pocklington? Can we withstand any more traffic? Will our infrastructure sustain another large development?”

More than 800 visitors stay at the retreat every year and their customers regularly use the town’s facilities, bringing money into the local economy.

Craig Wilby, Sarah’s husband and owner, said: “It is a huge development. We are a rural retreat where people come and enjoy the peace and the wildlife.

“We are a long-running business and we bring hundreds of people in to the town every year. A build like this could destroy us.”

Pocklington Town Council has objected to the build as the site “was not allocated for development in the East Riding of Yorkshire Council local plan. There are still existing housing allocations within the town and these should be brought forward first before a new site.”

The council has also objected due to the impact it would have on the town, in particular traffic. Their consultee comment states: “Access on to the A1079 turning right towards York and the Yorkway Motel is currently difficult and at peak times (7.30am to 9am) is very difficult. All this extra traffic will be funnelled through the town.”

Another reason stated for objection was due to the “negative effect on tourism” as the development will overshadow the neighbouring Willow Waters Fishery.

In a planning statement submitted with the application, the applicant says: “The development proposals will assist in helping to maintain and enhance the vitality of Pocklington.

“In addition to the delivery of housing, the proposals will also deliver a number of economic benefits which include new services and job creation on site through the creation of a new local centre, New Homes Bonus totalling £3.6m, 316 FTE jobs in construction, a further 344 indirect jobs in associated industries and total gross expenditure of approximately £9.54m annually.”

Sarah Wilby is urging residents to voice their comments on the planning application. Residents can make comments electronically by emailing quoting application number 16/03253/STOUT by November 17.