Pocklington MP Sir Greg Knight is 'the champion of drivers across the land'

Sir Greg Knight has seen his Private Member's Bill make a change to the law.
Sir Greg Knight has seen his Private Member's Bill make a change to the law.

East Yorkshire MP Sir Greg Knight has been praised after achieving a change in the law to clamp down on dodgy car park operators.

His Private Member's Bill, the Parking (Code of Practice) Bill, has been passed by both Houses of Parliament and is now awaiting Royal Assent from the Queen to become law.

Privately issued parking ‘tickets’ soared to 4.7 million last year – one every seven seconds - and Sir Greg believes a number of these are issued in dubious circumstances.

Sir Greg said: “The clear majority of car park providers are honest and fair but unscrupulous rogues are undermining the whole sector with bad practice”.

His Bill enjoyed cross-party support and Labour’s Andrew Gwynne MP commented: “I thank Sir Greg personally for his tenacity on this issue.

"He will be the champion of drivers across the land, because we all know, and can all tell stories of, constituents who have been clobbered by these sharp practices”.

Sir Greg said the new law will introduce a statutory code of practice for private parking companies, which will prevent motorists being unfairly treated.

He said: “These dodgy operators have been engaging in practices such as deliberately unclear signage, ticketing people whist they are getting change and even when their own parking payment machines are out of order.

"Until now, the law was powerless to prevent this.

“This new law will do nothing to diminish the rights of landowners to earn a fair income from their land, including seeking redress when motorists don’t play by the rules.

"But the scales needed to be rebalanced, so the system is now fair for all involved. This change will help stamp out rogues in the industry”.

In each Parliamentary session only a modest 1% of MPs manage to change the law through the Private Members Bill procedure.

“I consider myself extremely fortunate to have put this legislation on the statute book," added Sir Greg. "It clearly shows that politicians of all parties believe that a law change here is overdue.

"I thank all those who helped the Bill to become law, particularly, but not exclusively, Lord Hunt of the Wirral who took the Bill through the House of Lords, Government Minister Rishi Sunak and the Labour Opposition Spokesman Andrew Gwynne MP."