Town crier spreads the word about your new-style Pocklington Post

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Booming Pocklington town crier Geoff Sheasby has been out and about on the streets of Pocklington spreading the word about your new-style Pocklington Post.

Geoff raised the decibels earlier today when he blared out a proclamation to shoppers on Pocklington’s Market Place about the revamped people’s paper with extra coverage from our new readers panel.

Pocklington’s official voice also handed out free copies of the Pocklington Post to shoppers.

To show our appreciation for Geoff’s support, the Pocklington Post has donated £25 to the Pocklington mayor’s two chosen charities, Pocklington Play Area Group and Pocklington Relief in Need.

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Town crier’s proclamation

Oyez! Oyez! Oyez!

Welcome to your new Pocklington Post. Your new, newsworthy re-vamped newspaper.

Responsible reportage! Particularly parochial photographs!

Many more local news items than ever before.

Historical happenings! Amazing articles! Fascinating features!

Learn what’s on in the locality, and where it’s at.

Better than ever before. The new, perfect Pocklington Post. Don’t miss this Thursday’s edition.

All Saints’ Church bells silenced for refurbishment and renovation.

Subscribe and pay only 63p.

Roll up! Roll up! Roll up!

Your own, your very own promulgatory Pocklington Post for perceptive Pocklington people.

God Save the Queen!