Town council tax rise in Weighton

MARKET Weighton Town Council has increased its tax on residents by 2.5 per cent for this year.

At the monthly meeting on 21 December, councillors voted unanimously to increase the council tax bill to avoid a projected shortfall of £993 over the year.

The 2.5 per cent rise will give the council an estimated £2,362 extra per year “to cover any unforeseen costs,” according to Mayor of Market Weighton, Councillor Peter Hemmerman.

The increase will mean a band D household will have to pay £62.04 per year rather than last year’s total of £60.93, a difference of £1.11.

Coun Hemmerman said: “If we had asked for the same amount of precept this year as last year we would have a projected shortfall of £993 over the year. The admin staff had done an excellent job this year in keeping costs under control in a very difficult economic climate but costs will continue to increase.

“I personally think its a reasonable increase, amounting to around £1.11 per year for a band D House, but the decision is made by the full council who agreed it was necessary.”

Last month’s meeting was attended by Wolds Weighton Conservative councillor David Rudd who told the council that it was the “ideal time” for parish and town councils to increase their tax as East Riding of Yorkshire Council is unlikely to increase its charges for 2012/13.

Market Weighton Town Council also increased their council tax bill by 2.5 per cent last year.