Town council in fight to save Pocklington’s youth centre

The youth centre in New Street, Pocklington.
The youth centre in New Street, Pocklington.

A project has been launched by Pocklington Town Council in a bid to prevent the town’s youth centre being converted into housing.

The building, in New Street, has been allocated for potential housing development in East Riding Council’s draft Local Plan, marked POC18.

Speaking at Pocklington Town Council’s full council meeting on Wednesday 10 April, Pocklington Provincial ward councillor Kay West said East Riding Council officers had found that the facility was no longer well used by local youths.

She explained: “From the officers perspective, youths did not want to go to these things. It was not well attended.

“I think if you all come up with a good proposal of how you think it would be used in the town, and do an audit.

“It would have to be self-funding. I think you need a good argument.”

The town council is now keen to find out exactly what the building is used for and what facilities it has. It will then liaise with East Riding Council to try and make sure the building is better utilised.

See this Thursday’s Pocklington Post (18 April) for the full story.