Town council could take on more responsibilities

Pocklington Town Council could be offered the chance to take on more responsibilities by East Riding Council.

At a full council meeting at the old courthouse, on George Street, last week, Pocklington Provincial ward councillor Kay West told the town council that it may be able to take on extra projects in the future. Coun West urged members of the town council to attend a meeting between members of East Riding Council, Humberside Police, Humberside Fire and Rescue Service, similar to the community partnership meetings that used to be held, to discuss issues in the Pocklington Provincial ward.

Also at the full council meeting, the town council received an update on the refurbishment of Pocklington Arts Centre. Town clerk Richard Wood says the project “seems to be going well”. A crack was found by builders but has now been repaired.

Mayor of Pocklington, councillor Martin Ratcliffe, praised Pocklington’s Festival of Christmas, saying “it was a very successful event.” The town council also discussed the idea of forming an events committee to plan future events in Pocklington.

In addition, councillors had a short discussion about the precept requirement for 2016/17, where it was mentioned that there has been a 7.8% increase in the number of houses in Pocklington, which would add an extra £16,000 to the town council’s budget. However, the town council will receive £5,000 less from a central government grant.

Town crier Geoff Sheasby attended the meeting, and gave a talk about his new uniform, which will be black and gold. The town council agreed to pay for the uniform, which will cost £1,500.