Town council and Lions to discuss Christmas Festival

The meeting took place at the Old Court House, pictured.
The meeting took place at the Old Court House, pictured.

A town council will meet with a Pocklington charity to discuss the use of collection buckets at an event along with other Christmas festivities.

At yesterday's Pocklington Town Council meeting, councillors discussed members from Pocklington and District Lions using collection buckets about the town during last year's Christmas Festival, organised by the town council.

The discussion arose while the town council decided on a grant application from the charity for £300, considered the maximum grant they would give.

Cllr Peter Winterton raised concerns about the number of members using collection buckets throughout the Christmas Festival.

He said: "On the broader issue as we organise the Christmas event, we are very concerned about the level of activity from the lions last year in the town. There were 14 people collecting money, the perception being that it was their event which it isn't."

It was suggested that the Lions are given a stall, free of charge, but would not then be able to use bucket collections about the town.

Cllr Winterton added: "Other charities came up to me last year and said if they can take lots of cans around the streets, we want to do the same and there is no end to that."

No agreement was made to prevent the Lions from using collection buckets at the event. It was agreed to grant the Lions £200 following their application.

Members of the Lions and town council have arranged to meet to discuss the clubs involvement at the Christmas Festival.

Graham Gillyon, a member of Pocklington and District Lions, said: "As far as our Lions Club is concerned Christmas and our fundraising activity will be 'business as usual' and that we shall be working with the council and others to make this festive time as special as we can for everyone within the Pocklington and Market Weighton locality."

But concerns have been raised on social media and residents have called for the Lions to continue to use collection buckets at the event.

One resident wrote: "If the Lions are prepared to walk about with buckets then so be it . It shows how dedicated they are. Nothing stopping the others doing the same as people donate to whom they want to."

While another wrote: "I'm sorry but this would appear at first light to be a very petty matter for Pocklington Town Council to spend anytime considering. Really, what is the issue with Lion's collecting with buckets, don't they go to a huge effort every year to run the Christmas float to raise money for local charities?"

The town council released the following statement: "No decision was taken to ban the Lions from collecting at the Christmas Festival. The issue was discussed at the meeting following comments made at last year's event by members of the public. To organise a street collection requires a license from East Riding of Yorkshire Council.

"To take a decision requires a motion to be proposed, seconded and voted on. No motion was proposed and therefore no decision was taken. We have communicated this to the Lions so that they are aware before we take to social media."