Town centre drugs raid in Driffield, East Yorkshire nets £5,000 skunk cannabis haul

Drugs Raid ps1242-21g King Street Driffield Pictured By Pam Stanforth ps1242-21g
Drugs Raid ps1242-21g King Street Driffield Pictured By Pam Stanforth ps1242-21g

TWO men were arrested when police raided a terrace house in the centre of Driffield and discovered cannabis with an estimated street value of up to £5,000.

Officers discovered what was described as a “cannabis factory” after executing a warrant at the property on King Street under the Misuse of Drugs Act 1971.

Rooms contained “skunk” cannabis plants which were being grown using specialist cultivation equipment and other plants which had been harvested.

Two men, aged 26 and 25, were arrested on suspicion of the cultivation of cannabis and for being in possession of a controlled drug.

As the Driffield Times and Post went to press, no charges had been laid. Both men were released on police bail until a date in December, pending further inquiries.

PC Steve Wilson, beat manager at Driffield Police Station, was the officer in charge at the scene, accompanied by three other officers.

They discovered small seedlings which had been cultivated in a nursery in an upstairs room. Once large enough, the plants were transferred to a second room which contained equipment which enabled them to be grown on and harvested.

According to officers, there were traces of cannabis throughout the house, which contained approximately 14 plants, and six seedlings, along with growing pellets and equipment.

Police estimated that £4,000 to 5,000 worth of cannabis was being produced.

Money was also seized from the property and taken for analysis by police.

PC Wilson said: “This is an operation that has been going a while.”

It can take between eight to 10 weeks to get from seedlings to fully grown plants.

It is not an offence in England and Wales to buy cannabis seeds and growing equipment, but it becomes and offence once the seeds are grown.