Tour timings for East Riding area unveiled

The Tour de Yorkshire will be coming through the Pocklington area on Thursday 3 May.
The Tour de Yorkshire will be coming through the Pocklington area on Thursday 3 May.

The highly anticipated race timings for this year’s Tour de Yorkshire and Asda Tour de Yorkshire Women’s Race have been unveiled.

The field of top quality cyclists will visit East Yorkshire on the opening day of the event, which takes place on Thursday 3 May.

Stage one will see the competitors start at Beverley and finish in Doncaster, totalling 182km for the men and 132.5km for the women.

This year the popular race peloton comes through Warter, Pocklington, Allerthorpe, Melbourne, Seaton Ross and Holme on Spalding Moor.

The men’s race starts at Beverley at 1.50pm before proceeding to Hornsea.

The peloton will then tackle a 16km loop before heading back through Beverley at 2:59pm and into the Yorkshire Wolds.

The first classified climb at Baggaby Hill (4.07pm) will get the cyclists’ legs pumping before a brisk descent into Pocklington for the opening intermediate sprint at 4:12pm.

After passing the feed zone at Holme on Spalding Moor (4:44pm) the pace will gradually ramp up again for a second sprint in Howden at 4:59pm.

It’s then full steam into Doncaster on the newly opened Great Yorkshire Way with the first day’s race finishing at around 6.20pm.

The women’s opening stage gets going in Beverley at 8:40pm and will follow the same route as the men once they have returned to Beverley.

The women will contest the Cote de Baggaby Hill at 9:53am just before the first intermediate sprint comes in Pocklington at 9:57am.

The second sprint in Howden should take place at 10:50am and the action is scheduled to reach its conclusion in Doncaster at 12:19pm.

Timings have been calculated by anticipating the peloton’s average speed but are subject to change depending on variables such as wind speed, direction and how aggressively the riders race.

Welcome to Yorkshire Chief Executive Sir Gary Verity said: “It’s always exciting to share these timings as spectators can now plan exactly where and when they want to watch the action. Every time I see them I’m astonished by how quickly the peloton travels, but these are the very best riders in the world after all!”

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