Top hygiene ratings for 20 food businesses in the area

Mollie Smith Liz Tredmill  and Becky Mackenzie
Mollie Smith Liz Tredmill and Becky Mackenzie

Food businesses across the region have received new food hygiene ratings this year, with many receiving the top rating.

A total of 60 businesses in the area have been visited by a food safety officer from East Riding Council so far in 2014. Following the inspection, they have been issued with a food hygiene rating, from ‘zero’ to ‘five’, with zero being the lowest score and five the highest.

There are 20 local food businesses that have received five ratings, which means their hygiene standards are ‘very good’. Just five local businesses have been given zero ratings, meaning there is ‘urgent improvement necessary’.

The food hygiene rating scheme makes it easier for consumers to choose places with good hygiene standards when they are eating out or shopping for food. All ratings are displayed on the Food Standards Agency website.

Full story and list of local businesses that have received new ratings this year in Thursday’s (31 July) Pocklington Post.