Thumbs up for new-style speed cameras

The current speed cameras on the A1079 at Arras Hill.
The current speed cameras on the A1079 at Arras Hill.

Plans to install new-style cameras on the A1079 between York and Hull that can calculate the average speed of a motorist along a particular stretch of road have been backed by campaigners.

Safety experts believe the cameras are essential, especially in the area around Market Weighton and Arras Hill – a notorious accident blackspot which has seen several accidents over the years.

Average speed cameras are set to be installed on the A1079.

Average speed cameras are set to be installed on the A1079.

As the Pocklington Post was going to press the issue of awarding contracts for the design, installation and maintenance of Digital Average Speed Cameras was being considered at this week’s Cabinet meeting of East Riding Council.

The item was backed up by a report from the Director 
of Environment and 
Neighbourhood Services.

Pressure group Action Access A1079, set up to improve the safety of the road, has welcomed the plans.

John Brown, a member of the group, said: “If you can smooth the traffic in one section from Market Weighton to Bishop Burton that is good news but there are still pinch points going towards York.

“If it works from Market Weighton to Bishop Burton then it would be nice to think it would be extended to other parts of the A1079.”

The cameras come with automatic number plate reading of vehicles and, as they do not use “wet” film, can be used constantly.

Safety experts argue that these type of cameras can make travelling much safer and improve traffic flow because the usual type of speed camera can lead to speeding drivers slamming on the brakes as they approach the camera and then speeding up again once they have passed it - a situation known as camera surfing.

“Average speed cameras stop that and you get a better flow of traffic instead,” said a spokesman for Safer Roads Humber.

The idea has been under consideration for some time and the green light has been given to the idea backed by Government approval and new technology.

The old-style cameras are coming to the end of their life so replacements were needed and safety experts believe the new ones will make journeys safer around Market Weighton and Beverley.

“The current system was installed in 2006 and is coming to the end of its technological life,” said the Safer Roads Humber spokesman. “Average speed cameras have come on during the past few years and they are the best one to replace the current system,” she continued.

“We want to make sure that the reduction in crashes and injuries we have seen over the years continues,” she added.

County council leader and cabinet chairman Coun Stephen Parnaby said before the meeting he fully supported steps that could reduce accident injuries and fatalities and he also felt that average speed cameras worked better than fixed cameras.

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