Three Fangfoss artists host art exhibition

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Three artists from Fangfoss have joined forces to put on an art exhibition at Pocklington Art Centre.

Called Paint’n’Pots, the exhibition features paintings from Shirley Davis-Dew and ceramics from Gerry and Lyn Grant, and runs from Saturday March 25 through to Friday April 28.

Shirley’s favourite subjects to paint are mainly landscapes and she enjoys using watercolours and acrylics in her paintings. She particularly likes to change her style relevant to the weather and tries to capture nature in all its splendour.

Gerry and Lyn are potters working in traditional methods, producing a wide range of domestic ware and studio ceramics. They are celebrating 40 years as a pottery with different events.

The preview on Friday night attracted a large crowd of enthusiastic visitors, who generated a lively and talkative atmosphere.

Many of the guests were very interested to view the slide show arranged by Gerry and Lyn, chronicling 40 years of potting at Fangfoss. An archive collection of their pottery is on show in the exhibition along with a number of scrap books showing their progression through the 40 years.

A workshop for children is running on Tuesday April 11 and places are still available, but limited.

Booking is essential by calling (01759) 368384, or by e-mail

Shirley is also hoping to run a painting workshop on a Thursday, for information contact Shirley on 07968744703 or e-mail her at