The Wolds Diary with Sue Woodcock

I was at County Hall in Beverley to attend a planning meeting about new house building in Pocklington.
I was at County Hall in Beverley to attend a planning meeting about new house building in Pocklington.

On Sunday, I headed into church rather earlier than usual, as it was my turn to do church warden duties. As both our regular ones were away we needed to carefully check we had got it right, but I think we covered everything. After the service, it was home to walk the dogs, and generally have a bit of a clean-up.

On the Monday it was a short walk with the dogs and in the late afternoon it was off to Hornsea, to give a talk there to the WI. As usual I arrived rather early so went for a walk round and found a charming pub not far from the church.

In there, were four of the most delightful dogs, including a super Rhodesian Ridgeback cross called Ruby, and a Dalmatian cross Bulldog, both of whom were very friendly to the point that Ruby loved me so much she tipped coffee all over me, but it was soon cleaned up. At the talk in the Parish Rooms we sang Jerusalem, and they were a great audience.

The next morning, after picking up a friend, I headed back to Beverley, this time to attend an appeal hearing for a planning matter about new house building in and around Pocklington. Various people made a number of valid points but the high point for me was witnessing a very clever barrister exposing quite a few discrepancies in some statements. It was a joy to watch, he was so good.

It took me back to times spent in Crown Courts and Assizes when I was a police officer. I had to return in the mid afternoon and managed to get out rather late with the dogs. I was back in Hornsea the following day.

On the way, I stopped off at a very popular ice cream cafe close to Skipsea and had a cup of coffee and a delicious piece of coffee and walnut cake.

I then moved into Hornsea and found a back street down near the shore to park and walked to the United Reform Church where I met the group I was speaking to.

On Thursday, the grass had grown on my lawn so out came the new mower and I even did some weeding in my vegetable patch, before it started to rain. There are thousands of cabbage white caterpillars all over my nasturtium plants, as well as a delightful display of other colourful butterflies, on my buddleia. I have been picking runner beans in large quantities every other day, and freezing them for use in the winter. I also have tomatoes, cucumbers, and carrots in abundance. Out in the fields harvest is in full swing.

Huge tractors, balers and other farm traffic vehicles are everywhere.

All the cattle I see grazing in fields seem to have an ample amount of green grass and look very contented, and very healthy. In the evening, it was into church for a rehearsal of Pirates of Penzance. It went very well. I had not been able to go for a couple of weeks and felt very guilty about it.

Friday was a day off! First thing I walked the dogs and then cleaned the house and prepared for the visit of my godson and his four-year-old boy. Fortunately, I have a clear week ahead so we should be able to have some fun.