The Wolds Diary column with Sue Woodcock

Pocklington All Saints Church has been beautifully decorated as part of the Remember Rejoice festival.
Pocklington All Saints Church has been beautifully decorated as part of the Remember Rejoice festival.

It has been an interesting week. I have been looking after 13 sheep for a friend while they have been on holiday. I didn’t realise just how much I missed sheep until I was with some again. This lot were no trouble.

They waited for my car to arrive and with one call they all came running, which saved me a trek around their beautiful field by a river. There were also a couple of beautiful, if rather mature, hens in a pen which needed checking and feeding. I discovered they had a real liking for tagliatelle, which I had some leftovers of.

They would eagerly wait for me to bring them titbits.

Then there was the most beautiful feral cat and that made several appearances, tucking into the food I put in its bowl.

On Monday I went to the Pocklington Singers rehearsal, the first after our summer break. We will be performing the Messiah on December 1. I had a bit of an adventure on Tuesday.

I had been invited to speak to the Heart2Heart group at the Alvingham Road day centre in the evening, but I had never even been to Scunthorpe before, and had heard a lot about it and was curious to see what this town, renowned for its steel, was like.

So I arrived a bit after lunch and explored. I first found where I was to give the talk and then headed into the town centre.

The talk to a large group went very well and I even won a small raffle prize, and then drove back over the Humber Bridge to get home.

After checking the sheep (which are mainly Shetlands and a Kerryhill thrown in), I took the dogs for quite a long walk. The next day I was due to go to St Giles’ Church at Copmanthorpe, just outside York. I had never visited the village before and when I found the church it was a beautiful, very old building.

I was there to talk to the Mothers Union, an organisation I admire greatly. After a short service I gave my talk. They were a small, but very friendly group of ladies. I won a raffle prize there too!

On Friday I popped into York to get some photos of my deceased dog, Fair, printed, and then returned.

Our church here at Pocklington, All Saints, is holding a flower festival, that has taken 18 months in the planning. The church is beautifully decorated to remember the armistice of 1918.

Interesting sculptures have arrived in and around the church. In the afternoon I took my dog, Looroll, who has a very sensitive nose, round the exterior of the church, just to check it was secure and I managed to clear up some rubbish while I did so.

In the evening my dog Boo came back to me while her owner was on a musical weekend in Pickering.

She is quite happy to be back home with the other dogs.

I checked the sheep again on Saturday morning before their owners returned, then went to check security at the church.

All seemed in order and there was nothing really for me to do.