The Wolds Diary column with Sue Woodcock

On Sunday I went to the church at Londesborough. I took Boo and her owner turned up to play the organ for the service.
On Sunday I went to the church at Londesborough. I took Boo and her owner turned up to play the organ for the service.

I have had an interesting week. On Monday, apart from the usual things, such as dog walking and shopping, I was picked up at lunchtime by a friend and taken to their farm and we ran through what needed doing with their sheep, chickens and a feral cat while they were on holiday.

They were not going for a few days, but It made me feel very good to be with sheep again. Then in the evening I popped in for a drink with some friends in Pocklington.

So did Boo, who used to be my dog. She loves the attention she gets and sat there in the pub expecting adoration from everyone, which she got!

The next day I headed north, to a charming village called Snainton, not far from Scarborough. I went on the back roads and saw an amazing amount of wildlife on the way. I was privileged to see a male buzzard fly up from a hedgerow close by me. A few hundred yards further on was a female buzzard.

I saw a couple of deer in the distance and then watched a hedgehog snuffling in the bank by a layby. I arrived at the very impressive village hall and was fairly early. I was speaking to the Snainton WI, which is a large group of very friendly ladies. We duly sang Jerusalem and they very kindly put me on first. After I had done, I was asked to judge a small competition; this was about sheep, in any medium.

They had made a great effort and it was a tough decision, but I picked, as the winner, a wonderful flower arrangement, which someone had taken great pains with. I was very flattered when the lady who had made it gave it to me as I left. The evenings are drawing in, and I drove home in darkness and managed to let the dogs out and then tried to sleep. My mind was still active.

I needed to be up the next morning as I had been invited to Grimsby to talk to a Ladies Luncheon Club there. Now, I had heard a lot about Grimsby, but had never been there. I was pleasantly surprised and found the Masonic Hall where it was to be, quite easily. What a great group they were, and I enjoyed their company. After the talk I ventured forth to Cleethorpes, somewhere else I had never been. On Thursday I went to see a lovely lady who I had met at a talk in Hull, who wanted to give me some wool she could no longer use.

I was very impressed with this lady, who at 95 years old was a marvel. She herself was still knitting superbly. I left feeling I had met a very special person.

On Friday I took some tomatoes to a friend, and once back at home, sat and started knitting with some of the wool I had been given. Later another friend came round and left Boo with me while she went off for the weekend.

On Sunday I went to the church at Londesborough, near Pocklington. I took Boo and her owner turned up to play the organ for the service. Afterwards I went to the Macmillan Coffee morning at the nearby reading room. The cakes were delicious!