The Wolds Diary column with Sue Woodcock

Most farm animals I have seen this week have been finding shelter from the sun. Picture by Simon Dell.
Most farm animals I have seen this week have been finding shelter from the sun. Picture by Simon Dell.

If nothing else the week can bet be described as hot! I very seldom get bothered by extremes of temperature but now I just wish we could have some decent rain and some cooler air.

I go out really early with the dogs and even then, they don’t care for the heat much, and rush indoors when we get back, heading straight for the water bowls. I too am trying to drink plenty to keep healthy.

On Monday I was asked to join friends in the evening and picked up one of them and we had a pleasant time, and on Tuesday it became necessary to do shopping and quite a bit of housework.

Then after a walk with the dogs I sat down and began dismantling the many ties I had obtained the week before.

Wednesday was supposed to be a quiet day, but it didn’t work out that way.

Very early I took the dogs out and we went up into the Wolds and while they ran around I sat and admired the countryside.

Bright blue skies, white puffy clouds and a bit of green still in the hedgerows, and the rest seemed to be yellow or brown apart from the crops, that have obviously been watered by farmers. Almost all the farm animals I have seen this week have been finding shelter from the sun.

On Thursday I went to Beverley and took my dog Looroll to the photographic studios where I had won a prize at Driffield Show with her. Now, Looroll is not a dog that likes to show herself off, and we had quite a bit of fun getting her to pose for a portrait. It took a large amount of dog treats, but the photographer was very patient and got some good shots.

On Friday I picked up a friend and we drove down, across the Humber Bridge, and drove through Barton and Barrow on Humber to Thornton Abbey. I had been promising myself the pleasure of spending a bit of time looking at it properly and we were made most welcome by the site manager, a lovely lady called Kim, and then spent a good couple of hours just looking at the wonderful gatehouse. I found it fascinating.

On Saturday morning I returned to Thornton Abbey to take the lady there something I had written that she had expressed an interest in. I stopped for a coffee with her and then drove back and was able to let the dogs out and feed them before heading down to the cricket club to score for the team. We were playing a team from York, the Ovington club. We won the match, but they were good opponents with some very promising youngsters.

On Sunday morning I popped to our local town green where there was a car boot sale and managed to find a few things of interest. Amongst them was a massive fluffy toy vulture, and when I presented it to my dogs they did just as I expected, and had a lot of fun trying to dismantle it without success. It is far bigger than my little terrier Brillo, but she was the main aggressor. Later, I found her under it in her bed!