The Wolds Diary column with Sue Woodcock

We visited Driffield Show on the Wednesday where we looked at the handicrafts tent and the sheep pens.
We visited Driffield Show on the Wednesday where we looked at the handicrafts tent and the sheep pens.

I got a frantic call on Monday morning, from my friend in Scarborough, wanting help with sorting out her friend’s bungalow before the auction company arrived to take everything. I went straight over and helped with several things and it all worked out quite well.

My friend was most distressed but calmed down after a cup of tea and a chat, back at her place. Then I had to drive back home. Fortunately, I had taken the younger dogs out for a very early morning walk, and even at that time in the morning it was most humid and almost oppressive.

In the afternoon I headed over once again to Skelton, near Howden, for another bout of filming and all went well, and I met with some fascinating folk, and when we paused for a quick break, just as the heavens opened and the lightening and thunder started. It was very spectacular with huge bolts of lightning lighting up the whole sky. Then a bit later I had another night time scene to film, and once finished I drove home on very greasy roads with puddles everywhere.

Wednesday was the Driffield Show and I picked up a friend just before nine and we drove over, and soon were happily discovering the stalls that sold some great things. Lovely pies, sweets, cheeses, oils, interesting alcoholic drinks, and lots of competitions to do. I even won something on one of them! Then we went to the handicrafts tent and the sheep pens. It was very hot and great care had been taken to protect the animals from the sun’s glare. Many folk had their dogs with them but I thought it was too hot to take any of mine.

It was so hot, that just after lunch we both decided that we had seen enough and went back to my friends. I was quite tired that evening, but slept badly, mainly because it was so hot. I have been watering the vegetable patch almost every day and I am now well supplied with cucumbers, lettuces, peas, broad beans, tomatoes, and radishes.

Sadly, on Friday, it was necessary to say farewell to my beloved dog, Fair, the border collie. She had been poorly for a while and the kindest thing I could do was to put her out of any discomfort. My wonderful vet and veterinary nurse came round, and she passed away in familiar surroundings. I already miss her very much as I loved her deeply.

I have Boo the Labrador staying with me for a few days and later in the evening took the four remaining dogs for a walk they love.

On Sunday I headed north this time to Hinderwell. I had been asked to go to their summer fayre and was curious to see what the egg throwing business was about. I got to Hinderwell and was delighted to see vintage cars, tractors, and motor bikes.

It had lots to do for the children, great teas, talented singers, Martin and Wendy Cooke, and I even entered the Russian Roulette egg championship. I did not win, but it was fun. It was a great example of English village life at it charming best.