The Wolds Diary column with Sue Woodcock

I have been invited to the national Egg Throwing Championships at Hinderwell.
I have been invited to the national Egg Throwing Championships at Hinderwell.

I thought I was going to have a quiet week, but it didn’t quite work out that way. On Monday it was a friend’s birthday and I popped a card round to her and had a chat and met her daughter.

In the evening we had the last rehearsal of the singers before our summer break.

It was a very cheerful affair and I was glad because I was able to ask one lady who goes to the church if she could do my reading on the 22nd, as I have been invited to the national Egg Throwing Championships at Hinderwell. I am sure it will be fun but am very curious as to what is involved.

On Tuesday another friend from Scarborough rang, rather distressed. Her great friend, who I also knew, died about a month ago and it has fallen to my friend to sort out the friend’s bungalow before it is cleared and put on the market. Lots of folk were wanting to remember the lady and were very grateful for a small memento of her. I drove over with Brillo, my little terrier, and together with some neighbours, started clearing out the garage. After two trips back to my friend’s house with rubbish she was a lot less stressed and the dog lay on her lap in the sitting room.

On Wednesday I was due at a very lovely hotel near Barton on Humber, to give a talk to the Ladies Luncheon Club. I was very early, so I drove on a few miles to admire Thornton Abbey gatehouse. I did not have time for the tour but got a booklet about it. Then back to the hotel, to a delicious lunch, including, to my delight a Spotted Dick pudding!

I gave my talk to a great audience and then I needed to pay a cheque into a bank and had noticed a Lloyds bank at Barton so stopped off there.

Opposite were a couple of charity shops which was fatal! In one I managed to buy two sacks of used ties.

The next day I drove down to Cottingham, to a meeting of the WI at the Darby and Joan club. They were a charming group of ladies, and a good audience. I drove home, and it was a very pleasant warm evening and I noticed that beside the road were swathes of purple from Rose Bay Willow herb. I have always loved this colourful plant and believe it was, like many other things, introduced to Britain by the Romans.

On Saturday the cricket team was away at Selby. It is a pleasant ground and I was able to meet up with friends who, because of the heat, were unable to bring their beautiful dog, Baxter, but to my surprise gave me a framed photo of him. It was a very close match and I enjoyed my friend’s company in the scoring hut.

There were plenty of stops for drinks and a wonderful tea. The match was incredibly close, but we won, by only four runs, and it all hinged on the last over. On the way back, I went to a large supermarket in Selby. It was moderately quiet there, except for a gathering of very childish boys, who were trying to cause a diversion while some of them were up to no good, hiding things in their clothing.

I was very impressed with the security officer who got them out of the building.