The Wolds Diary column with Sue Woodcock

I have a large hedgehog living in my garden at the moment. He is a very welcome visitor.
I have a large hedgehog living in my garden at the moment. He is a very welcome visitor.

I have had a much quieter week, but still managed to keep busy. Unusually I did not have any speaking commitments and managed to do some things around the home.

Of course, that was the way I had planned it, but somehow it didn’t seem to work out like that. On the Monday I went out with the two younger dogs just as it was getting light.

The heatwave has made me reluctant to take any of the dogs out in such strong sunshine. In the evening we had a rehearsal with the Pocklington Singers, after our concert at the weekend that went very well. We are now working on The Messiah for our Christmas concert.

To my delight we started practising We, like Sheep, which is one of my favourite pieces. Not only is the music wonderful, I have a great affinity for sheep. It was much cooler in the church and it was a very relaxed affair.

The next day I needed shopping and started, after an early morning walk, tackling some gardening, until the sun got too hot. The grass in my garden is going brown and there are huge holes and fissures appearing in the ground, because of the drought.

I have been studiously watering the vegetables and some of my favourite trees and plants. I dread a hosepipe ban. I have been filling water containers for the birds and wildlife several times a day in my garden. On Wednesday, I went to a Parochial Church Council meeting at the church. We still have no vicar and we are having to make some serious decisions about lighting and other maintenance matters. The church is a Grade I listed building.

I took the dogs out for a short walk the next morning.

I watched with admiration as red kites soared above, and the songbirds were giving a very robust dawn chorus. I saw a mistle thrush in my garden this week and the woodpecker was back, and then my handyman came around and trimmed my hedge which is huge and had been growing vigorously.

When I have been out and about I have been able to revel in the wonderful colours of the countryside. The sky is bright blue, the grass almost brown, the trees are a lush green, and the crops in the fields are looking magnificent. There are wild flowers in bloom everywhere.

I have discovered a very large hedgehog living in my hedge and he is welcome.

The birds seem to be eating well, at my expense. I noticed several collecting nesting materials, for a second go this year I presume.

Having loaded the car with the hedge trimmings, I drove down to the tip on Friday morning. I was much too early, so I went to see a friend of mine nearby. Having had a good chat, I returned to the tip and was helped by the lovely man there to dispose of the garden refuse.

I stopped to pick up a lounger cushion that had either been fly tipped or dropped by someone, on the verge. My old dog, Fair, is happily lying on it in the back garden now.