The Wolds Diary column with Sue Woodcock

We enjoyed a walk along the beautiful path at the side of Pocklington Canal.
We enjoyed a walk along the beautiful path at the side of Pocklington Canal.

I have had a great week. Two friends came up from Devon to stay, friends I have known for many years and I have really enjoyed taking them to good pubs, places to eat and together we have walked the dogs to a standstill.

On Tuesday we visited our market here, which they enjoyed. Then we went for meal at a pub in Allerthorpe. Very well fed we did some more shopping. They had brought with them a huge amount of animal food from their daughter’s pet store, which she had closed down.

I took a lot of cat food to the Caring for Cats at Market Weighton, a wonderful charity which we were pleased to be able to help. Finally, we had a good evening catching up and generally chatting.

On the Wednesday we took the dogs up to St Helen’s Wood in Pocklington and along by the golf course. I showed my friends the walks I often do, and one of them took my Staffie Brock and the Doberman/sharpie cross for a run.

When they got back the Staffie slept soundly for the rest of the day, while I drove down to Armthorpe to collect a bag of ties. I returned, and we had a good salad at home and watched a film.

On Thursday I took a huge amount of puppy food to Hull Animal Welfare at South Cave.

This is a wonderful charity where they care for many animals.

I had kept some of the food for my dogs but there was far more than I needed and it is great to help these charities.

We went to my favourite pub at Millington for our evening meal and returned home very, very full.

We headed into York the next day, partly to do a bit of sightseeing, and partly to get a charger for a laptop.

We had lunch at the church restaurant at Spurriergate and then hoped to go to the Jorvik exhibition. When we saw the queue to get inside we changed our minds. In the afternoon another friend, with the Labrador, Boo, joined us and we enjoyed the beautiful path beside Pocklington Canal, where we saw lots of wildlife. The yellow flags in bloom in the canal just added to the wonderful colour and scenery.

That evening we went to another pub, this time at Wilberfoss where the food was delicious and then they left on Saturday morning to head down to relatives in Lincolnshire. They were delighted to see some of the wonderful countryside of the Wolds.

Some of the white May blossom is over but it seems that the pink blossom has replaced it.

The colours of flowers everywhere are remarkable.

My elder tree is now in flower adding a sweet smell to the garden. I have been dutifully watering the vegetable patch. I was due to score for the cricket team and we set off to head up to the ground at Heworth. When we left Pocklington there was a slight, very light, drizzle.

When we got to Heworth it had started to rain in earnest.

We waited an hour to see if any play was likely and then it was decided that it was a lost cause and we called it a day, after a tea in their pavilion.