The Wolds Diary column with Sue Woodcock

I was out and about during the Tour de Yorkshire distributing leaflets for the Flying Man festival.
I was out and about during the Tour de Yorkshire distributing leaflets for the Flying Man festival.

The weather seems to be improving dramatically and to bask in sunshine in the warm is a real treat.

The countryside is looking positively fantastic, with vibrant colour, wonderful blossoms and flowers and every shade of green you can imagine.

On one trip this week I drove down a road, and in front of me there were at least fifteen shades or hues of green, backed with a bright blue sky and not a cloud in sight.

After a day doing mainly ordinary things on Monday and then a rehearsal, Tuesday was busy. My handyman came round and fixed several things in the garden for me while I managed some shopping and one or two other chores.

The week was taken up with a couple of talks, one to the Ladies Luncheon Club in Ripon at the wonderful hotel there where, I discovered, they have international croquet competitions.

On another day I drove over to the village of Long Riston, east of Beverley.

I had not been there before and was most impressed not only by the village hall but by the sports facilities nearby.

The group was the Long Riston WI and was a meal to which they had invited other local WIs from the area.

The food began to arrive, and every table had a wonderful flower arrangement on it. Soon everyone assembled, and we sang Jerusalem and then tucked in.

Of course, there were cakes, lots of them, and I am afraid I simply could not resist, and oh boy, were they delicious.

Then the Tour de Yorkshire came through Pocklington.

Everything was set up for it and the town looked very good from a huge yellow T-shirt on the church tower to knitted decorations on the street furniture, to various stalls and activities.

I joined the crowds, mainly to distribute leaflets about our Flying Man Festival that is due this weekend. First came the women’s race, and they were cheered on by the enthusiastic crowds.

Later in the afternoon the men’s race came through, this time to be greeted by even bigger crowds who were so excited they even cheered the helicopter as it flew overhead.

I must admit that I was equally impressed by all the motorcycles, from various police forces that were there, one from Devon and Cornwall and another I spotted from Cleveland Constabulary. I used to be a Police motorcyclist, so I was quite happy. Then it was time to disperse, only to get home and watch it all again on the TV.

I had a slightly quieter day on the Friday but on Saturday it was time to head off to score for our cricket club again.

It was a warm sunny afternoon and we were at home, playing Selby, and I met the friend I had made last year, Graham, who was the scorer then, and his wife Susan, and their beautiful golden retriever Baxter. I also had to tackle the technicalities of a new electronic score board.

I am really not very confident with modern technology and it took a while, but I managed. Pocklington won but it was a good afternoon and the tea was delicious.