The Wolds Diary column with Sue Woodcock

There were some road repairs around Pocklington ahead of the Tour de Yorkshire cycle race.
There were some road repairs around Pocklington ahead of the Tour de Yorkshire cycle race.

It has, thankfully, been a rather quiet week. That does not mean, however, that I have done nothing.

Far from it. At the start of the week there was water everywhere and at the end the most glorious hot weather. The dogs prefer something in between.

On Monday I took all the dogs out to a walk we do in the middle of nowhere. It was still very muddy. Once home I collected all the dog bedding and systematically started a thorough washing of it.

In the evening The Pocklington Singers rehearsal was in the North Transept of the church as there was a meeting of the Flower Festival committee downstairs.

They are planning a wonderful event in September. The rehearsal went well and then some of us adjourned to the pub, for refreshments.

On the Tuesday I went to get more bird food. The starlings and the robins in my garden have voracious appetites and as they are obviously raising young they need all the food they can get. Having replenished my supplies, I then went out on a less muddy walk with the two younger dogs.

The two older ones were more than happy to lie in the garden, watching the world go by.

On Wednesday, I popped into the local vets to see the nurse and then later, in the evening, I drove over to Airmyn, near Howden, to speak at the WI there, at the lovely and immaculately kept Airmyn Park School. The WI are a very pleasant group of ladies and made me very welcome.

This was my second visit.

I even won a pot of blue hyacinths in the raffle which I was delighted with.

I had avoided town that day because I knew there was no parking due to the road being repaired for the forthcoming Tour de Yorkshire.

The next day the road at the bottom of the estate where I live was similarly being repaired, with even the smallest potholes being filled in.

Anywhere not on the route will, I see, have to wait, including the one on the road outside my house, that is getting bigger by the day.

We had a rehearsal for the celebration singers in the evening and the ladies had been asked to bring a hat, to time something for the Ascot Gavotte that we will be singing. There was much hilarity and sheer disbelief when I produced a very elegant one, no one could believe I owned such a thing!

Just wait until the performance when I will be in a very elegant outfit that I normally keep for weddings. I keep explaining that my legs are not for public display, but I do have one or two posh outfits, that I can use if I must.

On Friday my handyman came around and together we tackled the garden. I needed some things replanting and the three magnolia trees putting in suitable places. I went and dug the herb garden and started on the veg patch. As I did so a robin appeared, and it showed no fear of me at all, almost sitting on my foot to gather up any grubs, worms or spiders that appeared.

It kept flying off with a beak full of food to return shortly afterwards for another lot.