The Wolds Diary column with Sue Woodcock

This week I delivered a talk to a widows' group in Beverley.
This week I delivered a talk to a widows' group in Beverley.

My week has been a bit segmented somehow. Interspersed with the things I regularly do were visits to the doctor and other health issues. After a miserable wet walk with a couple of the dogs, and an even shorter one with the two older dogs, I made it to Pocklington singers on Monday evening.

I am really looking forward to singing in our concert of Haydn’s Creation. On another day I got a phone call from a friend in Grassington to say they had some ties for me and asking when I was next going over that way.

As it happened I was heading sort of in that direction, that evening, so after sorting the dogs out, I drove over.

Nidderdale and Wharfedale always look wonderful but as it was a little foggy, distances were not in evidence, but I could still see hundreds of sheep and lambs in the fields. I went to see my friend before I headed into Skipton.

On the way I stopped off to see another friend at Cracoe and then ventured forth to the charity shops in Skipton. I managed to find a lot of used ties; one shop was delighted to get rid of over 30!

Having visited some of my favourite places in Skipton, I moved on to Silsden, not a place I know well, where my next talk was to be, at the Methodist Church. I was very early but found it. What a wonderful facility, a modern church with every advantage and it was warm.

I am not really used to warm churches and am quite resigned to old and cold.

They were so welcoming there and they were also a wonderful audience.

The group was really the ladies group but had expanded and now all are welcome. I was given more ties!

The next morning I was at the doctor’s surgery in Pocklington. Then, after a walk with the dogs, I went and fetched a friend and we drove to a large (Swedish) furniture establishment just outside Leeds.

My friend was having a kitchen designed and supplied by them and was going to talk to them about it. I, however was free to have a good look round. I didn’t buy that much, and all will come in useful. When I dropped her off at her home I was able to give my dog, Boo, a big cuddle before I left.

In the evening I had to be back for an important meeting of the PCC about what we expect from our next vicar, and what would attract the right candidate.

The next day after a bit of shopping, a walk, and a cup of coffee I headed off to Beverley. I had a talk booked, but also needed to visit a music shop.

Then I found the pub where the next talk was, to a widows’ group. They were such a fun audience and laughed a great deal.

Soon the weekend was upon me, and the weather improved, it is so good to see the sun. Having walked the dogs, they and a lot of other things needed a wash.

On Sunday I was assisting with church warden duties and we had a choir, so I was very busy. We sang a couple of my favourite anthems. The sun was shining, and it felt warm. What bliss!