The Wolds Diary column with Sue Woodcock

This week I have enjoyed seeing all the sheep and lambs out in the fields.
This week I have enjoyed seeing all the sheep and lambs out in the fields.

Thankfully, a somewhat quieter week. I made it to the Pocklington Singers rehearsal on the Monday, but on the Tuesday, I began to suffer from a rather bad cold.

I spent most of it coughing and spluttering and had almost no voice at all. I did manage to walk the dogs on one occasion when the weather was very pleasant, and I went out to a rather remote walk I do with them.

I watched the farmers ploughing a huge field in the distance and was full of admiration for the skill that was displayed.

I tried ploughing once at agricultural college, and my result looked somewhat serpent-like. It was decreed that this was definitely not my forte and I would be better off with rearing sheep.

Another thing that I was rather good at was drystone walling, possibly because I do not think in straight lines!

What I have enjoyed this week is seeing all the sheep and lambs out in the fields.

I have even pulled over in a lay-by just to watch them.

All around, and even in my garden the primroses are out.

The daffodils are coming into bloom, and the grass seems greener. The pear trees in my garden are coming into leaf with buds waiting to burst forth.

I took a friend who had damaged her knee to the shops and I managed to buy enough for the weekend.

She was preparing to go to a family event for Easter and thus was not able to accommodate my dog Boo, that lives with them. I, therefore, got the pleasure of Boo, my Labrador, coming back to me for the weekend.

She remembers everything especially where the food is kept, where she gets fed, and just how comfortable my bed can be.

On Good Friday I was booked to talk to the Harrogate U3A at a very impressive hotel. I met some very interesting people and the talk went well.

After a welcome cup of coffee, I drove home.

Harrogate always looks impressive. Last week it was awash with crocus flowers covering all the green areas. Now the daffodils have joined them.

My local milk delivery shop asked me how I felt about returning to glass bottles and I was all in favour, and they told me that almost all their customers had said the same.

On another walk with the younger dogs I glimpsed a fox cub, heading into what was obviously a den. The hares have started to emerge in numbers and I even saw a pair boxing on one of the fields. Thankfully my dogs did not! I have noticed a lot of kestrels hovering by the roadside in the last few days, especially the A64.

In my garden the birds are as demanding of food as ever. The starlings that come in numbers are greedy and boisterous, but I think they are beautifully marked with coloured speckles and their bright yellow beaks.

There are at least two pairs of blackbirds and two pairs of robins and loads of tits of various types, not to mention the sparrows.