The Wolds Diary column with Sue Woodcock

As I travelled over the tops to my dentist in Grassington I witnessed some great views of Nidderdale.
As I travelled over the tops to my dentist in Grassington I witnessed some great views of Nidderdale.

It has been a funny sort of week. On Monday I went to sing at the funeral of Pauline Sanderson in church with the rest of the choir.

The church, which is pretty big, was packed and she had obviously been a very popular and good lady.

Afterwards I came back home and took all the dogs for a gentle walk, and then did the necessary washing of collars, clothes and leads.

Having had the necessary bath I then got changed and that evening went to the weekly practice of the Pocklington Singers.

On Tuesday I visited various places – the council tip, shops and of course a dog walk. This time I wimped out and stuck to (mainly) paths that were not too muddy.

The next morning cold weather was forecast, I also had to return to the dentist in Grassington, for the first fitting of some new dentures.

In order to go north at certain times of day, such as between eight and nine in the morning, you have to allow a fair amount of extra time as all approaches are clogged with commuter traffic. I thought I would be clever and approach via Elvington.

This was no better but eventually I was on the A1M and heading up North to take the turning to Knaresborough and from there over the tops with the fantastic views of Nidderdale, to Pateley Bridge.

From there I headed on to Grassington arriving much too early as there was not a lot of traffic around. I took the opportunity of driving up past my old farm and then came back in to the village.

I visited one of the few cafes open before going to the dental surgery. While I was waiting there I met a wonderful couple who I used to sing with in the church choir with at Linton. The fitting with the dentist did not take long. On the way back I experienced sunshine, rain, snow, sleet and then sunshine again.

On the Thursday, I had been invited to visit the retirement home at Fern Bank, Brayton.

This is a wonderful facility for the not so young and I spoke to a group.

I told them a bit of my background and then we sang quite a few songs, mainly that I remembered from my childhood, and so did they! The lady who had organised me valiantly accompanied us brilliantly on the piano.

I have two cats, that are at least 17 years old. One of them has had a poorly liver for some time and the vet has worked wonders with him but it became very obvious this last week, that he was failing.

The time has come to let him go. I made an appointment for my lovely vet to come around on Monday.

One never wants to reach this point, but responsible pet ownership makes it important. Hopefully, I will still have his brother, Bhan, for a bit longer.

On Friday Boo’s new owner came around with her and took Brock and Looroll out for a walk with her.

Once back home we had a cup of tea and then I spent most of the evening with the poorly cat, Bhur, on my lap and trying to knit.