The Wolds Diary column with Sue Woodcock

On Tuesday I needed to go into Pocklington and visited the market while I was there.
On Tuesday I needed to go into Pocklington and visited the market while I was there.

On Sunday, I got ready to go to church and had a quick shower to freshen myself up and then brushed my teeth, as normal. I then noticed a large chunk of one of my teeth was missing.

I don’t have a lot of teeth left so I was a bit annoyed. I went to church, and was busy with various tasks to help out.

It was cold, wet, and utterly miserable when I went there and although the service was good I felt rather down and when I left was not in a particularly cheerful mood.

I glanced down as I walked down the path to the car and saw the most beautiful snowdrop in bloom.

It really cheered me up for some reason and then there was blue sky and sunshine for a short while.

First thing on Monday, I rang my dentist who is at Grassington, and explained my problem and they fitted me in with an appointment on Wednesday. In the evening I went to the Pocklington Singers rehearsal. We have a couple of new members which is always good, and the rehearsal went well. We are currently working on Faure’s Requiem and Hayden’s Creation.

On Tuesday I needed to go into Pocklington and visited the market while I was there, including the excellent fish stall. The weather was getting colder so after a short walk with two of the dogs (the two older ones refused) I kept warm inside and did some chores.

Overnight the snow had arrived as had been forecast. We did not have a lot here, but I thought it wise to assume that it would be worse up in the Dales, so I set off very early to Grassington. I stopped at Knaresborough for a bit of shopping and then as the snow did not seem too bad elected to go via Pateley Bridge. This was a mistake.

As I got into Nidderdale the snow got thicker, the road surfaces worse, and it was an interesting drive to say the least. My car has four-wheel drive which was a great help.

I arrived in Pateley Bridge safely with plenty of time to spare and visited a café there where I indulged in a hot coffee. Then it was time to climb up the hill towards Greenhow. I was (fortunately) following a tractor and trailer and another four-wheel drive vehicle with a stock trailer. This made the climb on the snow-covered roads much easier. The progress was slow and I had time to observe the stunning wintry views across white Nidderdale.

It is always spectacular but this time it was exceptional.

We headed down towards Dibbles Bridge at a steady pace. At Grassington. I called in to see a lady I know there before going to the dentist, who as usual was wonderful, and filled my tooth.

On Saturday I had been invited to a special occasion at Wistow near Cawood.

The Church of England church has combined with the Methodist Church, to become the Village Church and in celebration they held a supper for all involved.

I was invited to speak at the end of the meal. They were a good audience and I had a quite wonderful evening.