The Wolds Diary column with Sue Woodcock

I made two trips to Bridlington's North Library where I delivered talks to Sewerby WI and Bridlington Townswomen's Guild.
I made two trips to Bridlington's North Library where I delivered talks to Sewerby WI and Bridlington Townswomen's Guild.

I have had quite an active week. Apart from the normal dog walks I have been out and about a bit. On Monday evening I went over to Bridlington, to the North Library there. I arrived quite early for the talk to the Sewerby Women’s Institute.

The library is very posh and a good venue. The group were most welcoming and even put me on first. They were an excellent audience and I enjoyed their company and the talk seemed to go well, and by nine I was able to set off for home. The drive back was in rather unpleasant weather, so I took my time.

The next day I took the dogs up to a walk I very occasionally do and had the inevitable problem with that walk that means I have to bath the dogs when I get home. They were very muddy as was I.

Then in the evening I set off for the next talk; this time at a large village called Upton near Pontefract. This is not an area I know well so I allowed plenty of time. My faithful satnav got me to the area, which is a large village, and then I found their village hall. It was large and very impressive, and they were such a welcoming group.

It too, was a WI and we started off with Jerusalem. I found a second-hand book stall there and managed to pick up several books for a donation. I met a couple of ladies who were as into crafts and wool craft as I am, and we had a very interesting chat. One of them had knitted the most fabulous cardigan, which must have taken ages and it was far beyond my capabilities. I showed them the bedspread I had made from ties and one lady asked if I could do something like it for her out of ties her husband had left. There was hardly any traffic on the roads as I came home, and it was a pleasant drive. I had a day off the next day and even managed bit of housework.

On Thursday evening I was due back at the North Library at Bridlington again. This time the audience was the Bridlington Townswomen’s Guild and they were charming too. They seem a very active group and do great outings.

After an early morning mini walk with the dogs on the Friday I headed out to get to York, calling in to see my dog, Boo, at my friends en-route. I stopped for a cup of tea and a cuddle with the dog before calling in at the car wash a bit further up the road. Then I stopped and bought mealworms and bird food at a garden centre, and finally got to the park and ride at Grimston Bar, in York. I needed to go to a bank and then to a specific shop to get something.

Of course, I took the opportunity to go to the market, to my favourite fishmonger and treated myself to a dressed crab, before getting back to the park and ride.

Since New Year I have tried very hard to stick to a healthy diet, and have stopped chocolate, cake and biscuits. I am eating more bread and fruit and vegetables. Already I have lost a bit of weight, but it is just the beginning to what I know will be a long haul.