The Wolds Diary column with Sue Woodcock

This week we went for a wonderful walk which took in fantastic views of the Vale of York.
This week we went for a wonderful walk which took in fantastic views of the Vale of York.

I have had a rather fun week in many ways. Because I have had no talking commitments and my time has really been my own I have managed to accomplish several jobs I have been putting off for a long time.

One of these was to go through my clothing and bedroom items and discard things I no longer need or that no longer fit me.

There is really no need for 127 T-shirts or 42 pairs of shoes that I never wear. I ended up filling two large bin liners with shoes boots and slippers, and a huge waste sack with clothes, and another bin liner with socks, tights and other accessories.

Having got into the swing of things I next tackled the study and various items I never use or have duplicates of went into another bag.

I have been given some ties recently, so I needed to dispose of the bits of them I don’t use as well, that made yet another bag.

I was able to reorganise my bedroom storage facilities. I had even found some things I have been hunting for a couple of years.

It is a remarkably good therapy for me and I felt immensely proud of myself for at least a couple of hours until I discovered a few more items I had forgotten.

On another day I managed to take the scores we had hired for the Pirates of Penzance back to Hull Library.

Having done that, on the way back I visited two supermarkets that we do not have in Pocklington, that sell some things I use.

I managed to restrain myself from buying any more items of clothes, tempting as it was. I am now really trying to be more strict with what I eat as I desperately need to lose quite a lot of weight, so chocolate and biscuits are out! I worked out that if I could just stop smoking with will power alone, I can be sensible in what I eat.

I have had some decent rest the last week and think I am stronger because of it both in body and mind.

Driving back from Hull I was able to admire the countryside at least as far as Bishop Burton where I popped into the agricultural college there with an enquiry. They were so very helpful and told me what I needed to know.

I carried on home and feeling very virtuous took the dogs out for a walk.

On another day the friends who have my Boo, rang and together we took the dogs to a favourite walk of mine that they did not know. Boo was as delighted to see me as I was her and she nearly knocked me over in her enthusiasm.

This walk is spectacular to say the least as are the views over the Vale of York are very special. There was quite a bit of wild life there as well, but not seen by the dogs. On the way back I spotted a building of rooks in some trees not far from the road. Once home the dogs lay exhausted around the house and I needed to wash the worst of the mud off a couple of them. Then I was able to relax and even knitted a couple of pairs of sock over the next few days.