The Wolds Diary column with Sue Woodcock

While out and about I have appreciated the beauty of the snow-covered Wolds.
While out and about I have appreciated the beauty of the snow-covered Wolds.

For me this last week has been very quiet. This is quite unusual, and I have benefited from it.

This does not mean, however, that I have done nothing. Of course, the dogs have had to be walked. The weather has, at times, been miserable and then rather pleasant. One day I took the two younger dogs and the terrier Brillo, out. Fair, the old collie, was happily sleeping in my bedroom and would not have been able to go so far.

I have recently acquired coats for the two short haired dogs, Brock and Looroll.

Looroll has a bright orange one and Brock has a fluorescent yellow one. We walked some way and then Brock found something quite disgusting to roll in, resulting in the yellow coat now being mud-coloured, except it wasn’t mud.

While out and about I have appreciated the beauty of the snow-covered Wolds, but also seen and experienced how treacherous the roads and pavements have been with ice and slush. Once home I not only had to wash the dogs, all of them, but also the coats.

Christmas was a quiet and tranquil time, I went to the midnight service and then helped afterwards. When I got home all was peaceful, except for the occasional snore from the dogs.

I was invited to a party at the house of the friends who have my Labrador, Boo. Not only was the food superb, but I met several fascinating people.

What especially gratified me was watching Boo at the party. Not only had she welcomed me, but everyone else as well, and went from guest to guest with a happy disposition. I think she got quite a few tit bits and treats as well. When I went in search of my hosts to say farewell, I found them in their sitting room.

On the settee was Boo, stretched out, revelling in cuddles from everyone. That dog has found where she wants to be. She even deigned to wag her tail at me as I left.

While out and about I had caught a bit of a cough, so I opted out of church on the Sunday. I had purchased a good supply of wild bird food and, having replenished the feeders, I was able to relax and watch myriads of wild birds stuffing themselves. There are the most beautiful blue tits, coal tits and long-tailed tits, not to mention wrens, robins, starlings and blackbirds and thrushes. Then the sparrows arrive and feed lustily. There are wood pigeons and collared doves in abundance.

One of my elderly cats, Bhur, had to be at the vets this week for an ultrasound scan. I was worried sick, but the vets were wonderful and I brought him home with a degree of hope. He needs special food and to put on weight, as his liver is not functioning properly.

Then along came New Year’s Eve. I ensured all my animals were in as the fireworks started about 10.30pm. I knew better than to try and sleep until they stopped about 12.45am. Some of my animals were distressed. Personally, I hate fireworks but accept that others do not.